My Full Makeup Routine

Dear Diary, 

I finally brought myself to do a makeup tutorial!! I gotta say kudos to all the other beauty bloggers out there who do this on the regular, makeup tutorials are not as easy as they look. To be honest when I first envisioned starting a blog/youtube channel I wanted to incorporate simple beauty tutorials, and the reason why I did not was so silly...

The real reason I did not go full force with tutorial youtube vids is because of seeing some online bullying happening with some of my other fellow blogger friends. They were being made fun of because they are not necessarily "make up artists", so why support another girl who wants to be a beauty YouTuber? My stomach dropped as I read negative comments about my friends, and it also dropped because I looked at myself wanting to do the same thing. So I thought, "maybe I should just not even go there". But then, months went by and I realized, I had just stopped doing something that I wanted to do because of negative feedback from people who I don't even really know. The fear of failing and being made fun of stopped me in my tracks and caused me to put my desires on the shelf on account of other people. WHAT THE HECK?!! No one should ever do that! Who cares if you feel like "just another blogger", "just another YouTuber".. we're not all claiming to be the best of the best, we're just doing what we feel is fun and positive, and there can never be too much fun and positivity going on in the world. 

I am not a professional makeup artist but I do love doing my makeup, and can create some fun looks that I often get asked about. Just because someone doesn't have "credentials" or "experience" shouldn't mean that they can't succeed. In fact, there are plenty of leaders out there who started off with little to no experience, but they built a dream on passion and drive. So no matter what anyone is saying behind your back, do what you feel is right. Because in the end, you're the one making your dreams come true, and they're the ones watching what you do on their screens, sometimes wishing they were in your shoes. I hope this little rant helps you want to inspire others with your work, not tear them down...

That being I hope you enjoy this little video I had the courage to upload. It's pretty easy and the final look is glamorous and pink! (Who doesn't love pink?) All the products I used will be tagged below!