Natasha's Notables...Renovita

Dear Diary, 

25 brings more than feeling like an actual adult, it brings the extra worry of preventing fine lines and wrinkles while I can. Now a days, it's so easy to get fillers, botox, or procedures to fix parts of your complexion you may not be crazy about, and while I personally don't have an issue with doing what you need to do to feel confident, I got to try out a product that reduces imperfections and rejuvenates in a more natural way!  

This LUME Revitalizing Youth Serum kit is a 3-in-1 and each bottle is packed with amazing ingredients like soluble collagen, which penetrates into the skin easier, and purified algae extract. After using this product for several weeks I noticed my skin feel like a clean slate. It also felt like my skin retained more moisture after cleansing and all I could think of was how dewy and smooth my face felt without make up. Other than a few hormonal blemishes here and there, my skin has remained clear since using this serum and it feels softer! Once you combine the revitalizing base, regenerating booster, and the firming factor, your skin is prepped for moisturizer, and your full beauty routine!