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Dear Diary, 

Eye bagsssssssss! They are the worst. I naturally have a darker under eye area but sometimes, my bags totally kill my vibe and make me want to hide (noticed how I rhymed?... oh did it again lol) On a serious note...on normal days my eye bags don't get to me, but on days when I know I'm going to be on camera, I cannot deal. Words can't express how happy I was to find Klorane's eye patches. I've been looking for a product like theirs for so long, and I'm so thankful they gifted me some. I was not required to do a blog post for their gift, but I honestly loved them so much I had to share! Make sure you head over to my instagram to screenshot or 'like' my pic to shop the product details from the new app, available on the App Store

Voted Vogue's 8 best under eye masks to banish puffiness, Klorane's eye patches use cornflower which has soothing, softening, and anti-inflammatory qualities. AKA, the perfect ingredient to solve puffy eyes right when they need to be. Another reason I love these patches is because it doesn't take extra time from my normal beauty routine. What I like to do is, place them under my puffy eyes right when I wake up. I brush my teeth, get my morning coffee and breakfast ready, then by the time I'm done with that the 20 recommended minutes have passed, and I'm ready to take them off and start my make up!   

On days when I'm not on camera but still want to look awake and fresh, I skip under eye concealer and grab Klorane's tinted BB eye cream. It also uses cornflower to sooth and the cool roll on applicator depuffs. Plus the cream is packed with correcting and reflective pigments to conceal dark circles without it being as heavy or harsh as a traditional concealer. 

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My mom always pestered me about being gentle with the skin under my eyes and now that I'm 25, I'm taking my skincare routine seriously. Ain't no shame with preventative care, and the earlier you start the better! Momma always knows best!