Lace Me Up in 90's Fashion

Dear Diary,

If it wasn't official before, consider it officially official. 90's style is back and it will have you saying "As If" faster than you can name your top 3 favorite Boyz II Men songs. One of the more prominent looks to come back aside from the choker, is the plain white T under a silk tank or dress. While I love this look and definitely have been rocking my plain white T's under my favorite spaghetti straps, I thought I would mix it up with another hot trend this fall, LACE! 

While creating this look, I learned a very valuable lesson that may or may not be good to hang on to, and that is, being a hoarder can come in handy! I always mock hoarders for keeping too many things but I guess you really never know when you might need something again. This Bebe lingerie inspired leo has served me for almost two years, and just when I thought I couldn't rock it anymore, this trend came back! I paired it with a less traditional, off the shoulder white T, blue jeans, and of course, a classic black plastic choker. Ultimate nostalgia! 

T-shirt:  Forever 21 // Silk Leo:  Bebe // Jeans:  BlankNYC // Watch:  Porsamobleu // Accessories:  Rocksbox // Sunnies: OPTICS BY PARKER // Choker:  Popsikle Shop

T-shirt: Forever 21// Silk Leo: Bebe// Jeans: BlankNYC// Watch: Porsamobleu// Accessories: Rocksbox// Sunnies:OPTICS BY PARKER// Choker: Popsikle Shop

For this next 90's inspired look, I decided to use a white lace T, (also recycled from many years in my closet) under a denim mini dress from the cutest little thrift store on wheels, Popsikle shop! I adored this look, it felt so sweet and dainty, so I had to put some braids on top of my head to complete it.

Lace T: Marciano***// Denim Dress: Popsikle Shop// Shoes: Jeffery Cambell



SIDE NOTE*** because some of these pieces are not currently in store anymore, some of the links will take you to a similar looking item. Unfortunately the lace t shirt from Marciano is just a look I cannot find anywhere else, so there is no link!