'Pacific Pulse' a Collaboration with LOCALE Magazine OC

Dear Diary, 

I've been waiting to share my collaboration with LOCALE Magazine Orange County for so long, I can't believe the issue is finally here! LOCALE asked me to explore Huntington Beach's latest ocean front experience (tough job right) and take you all through some of the best restaurants and stores to experience there. So without further ado, here is my edition of 'That's What She Said' featured in LOCALE Magazine OC's July issue!  

Surf's Up! Photo by  Gil Cope // Dress  Knot Sisters // Shoes  Forever 21

Surf's Up! Photo by Gil Cope// Dress Knot Sisters// Shoes Forever 21

As Miss California USA 2015, last summer I got to represent my beautiful home state at the Miss USA pageant where I met 50 other women from across the country with one common goal of taking home the national crown. Unknowingly however, the girls had another thing in common at the pageant, and that was to constantly ask me how it felt for me to represent California, a gorgeous state that boasted summer days all year round. It got me thinking, sometimes us Californians take this luxury for granted, especially those of us who live in SoCal. Let’s face it, unlike many other people across the country, we can enjoy a perfect day at the beach pretty much all year round. Now that summer is in full swing I’m determined to show you why it’s time to really take advantage of what we have in our own backyard. Consider it a royal duty if you will! On this edition of ‘That’s What She Said’, I’m taking you to explore the city, Pacific city that is! 

West of Camden:

Pacific City is nestled right in the heart of Huntington Beach along Pacific Coast Highway. How much more Californian can you get, right? Since I’m getting geared up to show you how a real Cali girl does it, then I have to dress the part, which is why my first stop was at West of Camden. Fashion is always first in my book but comfort is key on this sunny day, which works out because West of Camden’s laid-back vibe gave me a ton of comfortable options to play around with. Life is easy going when you’re at Pacific City, much like this cute floral dress that I paired with some classic white tennis shoes. 

Ola Mexican Kitchen  

I never pass up an opportunity to eat Mexican food, and in SoCal there is no short of great options. Not many Mexican joints however can boast a coastal view from almost every angle of the restaurant like Ola Mexican Kitchen can. I enjoyed some fresh ocean breeze from the open-air patio with chips and salsa, jumbo shrimp cocktail and of course guacamole! I love the twists Ola puts on their classic Mexican dishes because even a simple guacamole is garnished with orange zest and pomegranate seeds. Their cocktails are just as unique. I’m a fan of a little spice in life and in my drinks, so if you are too, you’ll enjoy their signature El Dragon cocktail. Don’t be too intimated by the name though, this drink is more sweet than spicy but if you’re really looking for some fire try the Abreojos Margarita. 


If a classic all American burger is more your style then you’ll be in your element at Simmzy’s. The vibe here is so relaxed you’ll think you’re on a permanent vacation, so you might as well play into it and stay for a couple of beers or two.  I made myself right at home at Simmzy’s. I got behind the bar, snapped a few pics of my ceviche, and didn’t mind my manners by licking my fingers after sipping on their tasty cocktails.

Saint Marc

I have two words for you, Bacon Bar. You heard me! Saint Marc has a bacon bar that boasts 11 different bacon seasoning options including apple pie bacon. Saint Marc made my inner foodie dreams come true by making it acceptable to enjoy flavored bacon and beer in one sitting. They could have easily stopped there but this pub/café has so much to offer including some of the best Californian wine on draft and over 100 different cheese selections. Holy cheese board! Plus you can order it all on an iPad making Saint Marcs just as cool and on trend as it looks. This flagship location screams summer fun to me and so does their Saint Marc twisted grapefruit which is freshly squeezed and then filled with your choice of liquor.  Pair with a pink straw and let the fun begin!

This is the face of true happiness!! 

This is the face of true happiness!! 

Heirlooms and hardware

When decorating a space I never know where my next inspiration will come from. Perhaps it’s in a marbled bodice that I can rub like Buddha or maybe trading my laptop for an old school typewriter. Whatever it is, I know I can find it at Heirlooms and Hardware. If I could describe this store in one word it would be creative. There were so many unique vintage pieces I had to snap a few pictures to make sure the next time I want to make a statement in my home, I do it with their similar rustic eclectic twist. 

The nook

Accessories are a girl’s best friend and since I am 100% a girly girl, visiting The Nook was like my own little heaven. My personal style ranges from pageant pretty to boho chic and these chunky turquois rings are right up my alley. Since I’m rocking my Aerosmith Tee from West of Camden, a pair of playful sunglasses seems fitting and goes along with the edgy vibe of this little boutique. I could get lost in their variety of accessories and I’m okay with that! 

There were so many fun spots to hit up at Pacific City! For my full That's What She Said article click here! And, if you visit any of the places that I featured, snap a couple pictures and tag me! I'd love to see all of your adventures! 

All accessories and outfits are from  West of Camden // All photos by  Gil Cope // Phone Case by  Castify // Ring by  INTA Gems and Diamonds

All accessories and outfits are from West of Camden// All photos by Gil Cope// Phone Case by Castify// Ring by INTA Gems and Diamonds