Natasha's Notables... My Skin Warriors

Dear Diary,

Time to spill some secrets! I've gotten some questions lately about how I maintain my skin, so I want to share with you DGG readers some of my go to products to protect and correct.

First things first. Any time someone asks me about my skin care regimen, I'm always transparent with the fact that I visit a dermatologist. Her name is Dr. Gloria Stevens and she's located in Upland, CA. For some of you, that's a bit of a drive, but I've found it to be absolutely worth it. Also I will go ahead and say that I've never suffered badly with acne on my face, most of my issues happen on my chest and back but that's another blog post! Dr. Stevens prescribes me a few topical gels for day and night (I mostly stick with the day gel), and an oral antibiotic called Solodyn, which I use to jumpstart my acne treatment if I'm experiencing a lot of breakouts! 


You all probably know that putting sunscreen on everyday is essential to preserving youthful skin, but for some reason it's really hard to remember! What stopped me from wanting to wear daily sunscreen was the oiliness I felt on my skin. I discovered Image Skincare during my year as Miss CA USA, and this is one of the products I will continue to buy because I love it. Its weightless, does not feel sticky, and dries matte. Plus it smells so good!

This little tube is MAGIC! My friends know that I am that person that reprimands them if they start picking at pimples. It's so bad for your skin, it can cause scaring and cause your acne to spread like wildfire. I will admit though, when you have that special date coming up, a throbbing zit waiting to pop on your face is not okay! So yes, even I have given in and popped a few but, I have this dark spot corrector up my sleeve for emergencies. I've been using this product from Garnier for years and it really is like an eraser. Be patient with it, and use it day and night until you start seeing your post acne scars fade. 

Kiehl's is another brand I discovered during my reign and these are by far my favorite products to use day and night! I'll start with the avocado eye treatment. I use this nightly, no exceptions. I've noticed the skin under my eyes to be more supple and less puffy when I'm going make up free. Next is the Ultra facial cream, this moisturizer is so lightweight yet effective. I usually use this on night's when I don't use the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, which is next on my must have list. This essential oils blend is ah-mazing, I use it probably twice a week. My dryness of skin is gone and my skin feels so soft by morning. After using this I feel 10x more confident to rock a clean face out and about . I know putting oil on your face is scary but for me, I have not experienced any breakouts from it. 

Lastly, I want to talk about another facial oil that I just received from one of my former Laker Girl friends. This Lustro Face Oil 2 from the Beauty Counter is pretty similar to the Keihl's oil but it's a bit more concentrated. I'll use this when I'm really feeling like my skin is dry or needs treatment after a long day of heavy make up.