Natasha's Notables... Camera Ready Make up

Dear Diary,

Let me just tell you, make up is expensive! But a girls' gotta do what she's gotta do, especially if you're in front of the camera or getting ready for an important event. I am loving the trend of less is more a la beauties like Kendal Jenner, but some of us earthlings need a bit more *umph*. So that being said, here a just a few of my favorite products that I've been using for years to give me flawless and reliable results. 

First up, Manna Kaddar! Manna was one of my make up sponsors during my reign as Miss CA USA and I loved her stuff so much, I'm still buying it! My go to's are her Flawless Finish liquid foundation in 'Cool Neutral', her concealer trio in 'Warm Front', Brow Goddess in 'Ash Brown', and her amazing lipstick in 'Mocha'. I especially love mocha because my tan skin tone is great for bikini season but not so great when it comes to finding a nude shade that doesn't wash me out. Mocha does just that! Also her liquid foundation is perfect coverage that's good for camera and everyday!

It's all about the EYES! Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner and Benefit's They're Real mascara are two products that I have religiously used for years! I have pretty short natural lashes and so far Benefit's mascara has been the only mascara that has made me notice a drastic difference in length that doesn't look clumpy. I know that 'waterproof' can kinda be a scary term especially when you're removing your make up and trying to be gentle around the eyes to avoid wrinkles but, Stila's liner is not difficult to remove at all and outlasts any other that I've tried. Plus the liquid pen is easy to use to create any type of line. My go to is a cat eye... ALWAYS!  

Last but not least...finish it off with a spritz! Kenra is my go to hairspray, they have so many great options depending on the hold you want. I recently switched to the flexible hold thermal spray. You can imagine getting ready for video shoots everyday means a lot of hot styling so I don't mind some extra heat protection. This hold is very light so if you're looking for more of a stay all day hold then try the Kenra Volume Spray 25! 

Being the energetic person that I am and commuting to and from Los Angeles from Chino Hills means a lot of time in the car and no access to my make up at home. If this sounds like you never fear, Urban Decay 'All Nighter' setting spray is here! (I know, I'm cheesy) Really though, been using this spray since back in 2011 and I can't get enough. There was a point when I cheated on 'All Nighter' and tried MAC's setting spray but thankfully he forgave me and let me come back. I'm a lucky gal ;)