My Favorite Little Striped Dress of 2016

Dear Diary, 

We're well into finishing the first month of 2017 but that doesn't mean that I haven't looked back at some of my favorite style moments of 2016. For me, everyday style is about simplicity and comfort and that's why this little striped dress from Reckless Girls was my absolute favorite outfit of last year. 

Dress:  Reckless Girls // Boots:  Forever 21 // Backpack:  Forever 21 // Photog:  Miguel Chavez

Dress: Reckless Girls// Boots: Forever 21// Backpack: Forever 21// Photog: Miguel Chavez

Paired with some signature black thigh high boots and a black backpack, two trends that raved in 2016, this little look went from simple to eye catching. Plus, this entire look is all under $100!! Now that's a reason to be a year end favorite!