'Maxi'-mum Movement

Dear Diary, 

What can I say... this maxi dress is as perfect as they come. Throw it on, and you're instantly cool and put together. Maxi's have always been a favorite of mine on account of them being so effortless, and this fun, flouncy number is no different.  

Dress:  Strut & Bolt  // Shoes:  Aldo // Choker:  Forever 21 // Photog:  Miguel Chavez  

Dress: Strut & Bolt // Shoes: Aldo// Choker: Forever 21// Photog: Miguel Chavez 

I have to be honest though, seeing this dress on the rack was not eye catching enough for me to try it on at first. For one, the print, although interesting was a bit much for me. And two, all the slits that make this dress so unique were lost in the fabric, making me imagine I would lose my shape in it. But if there is one fashion tip that I've learned from trying on pageant gowns for so many years, it's "don't knock it 'til you try it". So I did, and the result was magical! Magical because it moves, and that makes this dress so FUN! And who doesn't like to have fun with fashion? That's the whole point right! The fit, the sleeves, the slits, the print... it all worked together to create one of my most fun looks of the holiday season!