Lace and Leather

Dear Diary,

As many people know, I am a girly girl.. hence my blog's name, Diary of a Girly Girl! Give me the frills, give me the ruffles, bows, I love it all. It's always fun mixing up styles and most of the times, it's easier than you think to do that. For this look, it was as simple as throwing on my favorite leather jacket! 

Jacket:  American Rag Cie  //Sweater:  Banana Republic // Skirt:  Want My Look // Shoes:  Chinese Laundry  Photos:  Miguel Chavez

Jacket: American Rag Cie //Sweater: Banana Republic// Skirt: Want My Look// Shoes: Chinese Laundry Photos: Miguel Chavez

Without the leather jacket, this outfit is 'oh so sweet', which is perfectly fine but why not bump it up a notch?! One of my favorite details completing this look, are the scalloped heels by Chinese laundry. The scallops on the straps match the scallops on the bottom of this super affordable lace skirt. (pssst, it's only 20 bucks)